Friday, September 02, 2005

[off the record] White Ravens

[01:32] Scone: hm?
[01:34] Dreamwalkerofyor: that is one kickass raven
[01:34] Scone: heh
[01:34] Dreamwalkerofyor: that's gonna be on my todo list
[01:35] Dreamwalkerofyor: get kickass raven to sit on shoulder
[01:35] Dreamwalkerofyor: and look cool
[01:36] Dreamwalkerofyor: and....raveney
[01:37] Dreamwalkerofyor: can dive bomb four year olds
[01:37] Dreamwalkerofyor: hehe
[01:37] Scone: ,,,
[01:37] Scone: oh yeah
[01:37] Scone: i'd love to dive bomb those 4-year-olds
[01:38] Dreamwalkerofyor: "mommy mommy look CAW! CAW AURGH MEIN EIEZ"
[01:38] Scone: you know my thing for little girls
[01:38] Dreamwalkerofyor: I can train it to only dive bomb german kids
[01:38] Dreamwalkerofyor: so they can be like SIEG HEIL HEIL HEIL CAW CAW
[01:38] Dreamwalkerofyor: ....or something
[01:39] Dreamwalkerofyor: *bored*
[01:39] Dreamwalkerofyor: hehe
[01:39] Dreamwalkerofyor: vicious is jesus christ
[01:39] Scone: ...
[01:39] Scone: reverse that
[01:40] Dreamwalkerofyor: bah
[01:40] Dreamwalkerofyor: figures
[01:40] Dreamwalkerofyor: google raven and the first two images are teen titans
[01:40] Dreamwalkerofyor: stupid people have no respect for cool raveney
[01:41] Dreamwalkerofyor: ...thingies
[01:41] Dreamwalkerofyor: nevermore!
[01:42] Dreamwalkerofyor: oh, that'd so kick ass
[01:42] Dreamwalkerofyor: an albino raven
[01:42] Dreamwalkerofyor: it'd be like, a social commentary in the form of a kickass bird
[01:43] Dreamwalkerofyor: hmm
[01:43] Dreamwalkerofyor: there are images of albino ravens
[01:43] Dreamwalkerofyor: so they exsist
[01:43] Scone: ...
[01:43] Dreamwalkerofyor: ...wonder if their still carrion feeders
[01:43] Dreamwalkerofyor: the white ones
[01:44] Dreamwalkerofyor: ...
[01:44] Dreamwalkerofyor: *bored*
[01:44] Dreamwalkerofyor: *doesnt want to write*
[01:44] Dreamwalkerofyor: *bloggs conversation*


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