Sunday, August 28, 2005


I always knew...

A little pastime of mine is to look for good flash animations. There are good ones, among the myriad of mediocrity, and the reward is quite worth the expense. One of these extraordinary artists is a Korean trio that go by SamBakZa, who, to date, have begun a small comedy entitled "There she is!!!", as well as a great serious animation entitled "Hot Fish", a commentary on Korean society. I happen upon their site again, only to find that my favorite of them all, Hot Fish, was taken down for legal issues. This, of course, pissed me off. No worries. The Internet being the Internet, there's bound to be another copy floating around somewhere. Basic google search brings up nothing. Advanced google search brings back nothing. Half an hour of searching later, I come up empty handed. Damn. So, I drudge through the Wayback Machine to find a previous copy of the site, where the flash was still on it. Of course, they don't have a download link, so I have to then download, crack, and run a leech program, which is now doing it's little leech thing on the site, hopefully giving me my hot fish that I so deserve by now.

Which, in turn, leads me to my ramble-of-the-day (TM): Legalities suck. Hard. They didn't always blow the proverbial donkey: once upon a time, all of the laws made sense. But, time went by, and these laws turned archaic. Do we remove them? No! No one's gonna care, and it's too much effort for us. Well, until john q lawyer digs it up and slams some kid in the face with it. We need to renovate our laws and jurisdictions. Adapt them to a new age. Out with the old and in with the new and all that. The second amendment was for the guys on the frontier shooting Indians. Update it. Copyright laws were before the internet. Change em. Checks and balances weren't meant to be thrown out. Reinforce em. For Christ sake people, it's the 21st century last I checked. Let's make our laws reflect that.


[02:13] Will: i'm debating whether i should even try to be social though

[02:13] Will: i mean...i do have a single

Being social is overrated, especially when you have to suffer fools, something that certain people cannot do. A little experiment I did concluded that spending one day a month being completely blunt with people makes you feel quite a bit better about everything, though you might regret it in the morning (like many other things in life). Thinking back, I realize being social is a damn hard thing to do, even if you do it without thinking. You have to keep track of all the little white lies you told here and there, complement people when necessary, gossip when necessary, and do quite a number of things I just plain don't like doing. Of course, that all becomes irrelevant if you can spark up an intelligent conversation, but, unfortunately, that's a damn hard thing to do in the good ol' US of A.

Enter: Internet. Here, you really don't have to guard what you say, because people don't really know who you are. It makes all points of view accepted to a degree, because the only way you can deny them are by putting forth arguments of your own. Say you were talking with a Neo-Nazi. The only way you can argue with him/her is intellectually: no emotions. Everything is transmitted through what you type, and as such your ideas take center stage. It's like, well, being social 'lite', because you get all the good things of being social (exchange of ideas, intellectualism, etc) without the bad things (idiotic/inane conversation, lies, etc). Internet 1, Real Life 0.


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