Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Deus Ex Machina

"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him"

"God didn't create humans -- humans created God"
-Cowboy Bebop, ep. 23: Brain Scratch

The question of what happiness when we die is something that most people like to ignore, probably because it reminds them of their own mortality. That's also another reason as to why funerals are so depressing: It's not just that someone you know has died, it's a reminder that one day, will follow the path of the corpse in front of you. To quote a Mr John Donne: "For whom the bell tolls-- It tolls for thee." We hate being reminded of our own limitations, our own shortcomings, our own mortality. So what do we do about it? We create God.

If you look at it completely objectively, the Bible makes no fucking sense. Two people populated the world, but incest is bad? God created Earth in 7 days, but the universe in a second? Talking Bushes? Come on. Why is it, then, that Christianity held together for so long? Because it gave people answers. Why are we here? God made us. Why do we do this? God lets us. Why are we blowing up that tall building? God said so. It provides a convenient and irrefutable cure-all for the common man. In the past century, however, times have changed.

With breakthroughs in science occurring and reoccurring since the steam engine, people have slowly shifted their faith from God to Science. Science can also provide a cureall for the common man, but a better one: most statements can be provided with an explanation. Sure, the explanation is long and complicated, but the men in white coats sure look like they know what their doing. Pills could cure anything: Flu? No Prob! Take two and call me in the morning. Malaria? Give me your arm. You'll feel a slight pinch. There. All better. Cancer...uh....fuck.

In the past 7 years or so, science has faltered. We are no longer being given pills that cure anything, and the marvels of yesteryear are common practice today. So, we move to another deity: the Screen, and with it, Celebritism. Here are these people who symbolize everything we could possibly ever strive to be: Their beautiful, their rich, their powerful, they must be smart; hell, I'd like to know everything about them. What? whats-her-face changed her breast size? quick! Show me!. What? Whats-his-face is going out with whats-her-name? Oh my God!!!. Slowly, our culture, our people, our information has begun to mirror this fanatic behavior. It has become complete commonplace to see kids dressed in a manner that would make a jaded whore blush. It has become nigh-impossible to find girls that don't wear midrifs (which, I would like to add, for the better part of the time make you look fatter than you are). The trial of Michael Jackson took priority over the food crisis in Sudan in the national news. Movies sell not by their artistic or entertainment value, but by whose name and face is on the poster.

I would like to add that this is, for the most part, an American-only phenomenon. However, variations of it have sprouted throughout the world. It might not be to famous actors and musicians, but to the television in general. People have become glued to the idiot box, and it's a real shame. Books are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and ignorance is becoming fashionable. Fashion, for the most part, is what the majority favors. Logic tells us that because of that, the majority of the world is slowly degenerating into a shell of their potential. And it shows. With people rather watching Pimp My Ride than picking up a newspaper, or reading People in the stead of a Book, nothing is being done to quell this epidemic of ignorance. Things can change. Don't listen to an audiobook, pick up the real thing. Don't get your news of TV, get it off a newspaper, or the Internet. As long as you're actively reading and not passively listening, you will rise above those around you. Make people look up to you. Be smarter than the masses. We must rekindle the thirst for knowledge that has died out, to be replaced with the stagnant obsession of fanaticism.

Talk with others. Argue. Debate. Pick up new ideas. Apply them. Test them out on others. Form others. Merge them. Grow. Adapt. Do what we're supposed to do. Everyone has the capacity to grow beyond their intellectual barriers, it's just a matter of will.

{Note: Every other time I tried to write God I typoed it to Gold. Rememeber, a Freudian slip is when you say one thing but you mean your mother.}


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